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Company description

LineAngel is an on demand service app that connects consumers to line sitters. Whether it’s an event, concert, product launch (iPhone, limited edition sneakers), or every day errand (DMV), we’ve all been astounded by long, unexpected lines. LineAngel lets customers book line sitters in advance or in real time, by immediately connecting them with a line sitter. 

Founded in Los Angeles in 2015, by two friends from the University of Southern California, LineAngel offers you the chance to take opportunities and participate in memorable experiences by eliminating dreaded and long waiting times. As cities continue to grow, and with more than half the world’s population now living in metropolitan areas, the challenges to everyday urban life–from transportation to employment and infrastructure—are ever-increasing. Through its innovative technology, LineAngel aims to improve city living, allowing people to solve problems and live better, in real time.

Think of us as the "Uber" of lines! 








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Business model

We are an online marketplace connecting event goers and consumers with nearby line sitters so that they can save time. Prices start at $25 the first hour, and $20 thereafter. Prices may surge depending on event popularity. We retain the best workers through training and by paying an hourly rate of $18 per hour. LineAngel keeps approximately 20% of all transactions. 


Competitive advantage

We are the first on demand online marketplace of its kind to provide busy customers with the fastest and most efficient method to access popular events and products. Our technology provides secure payments and nearby line sitter real-time hiring. 

All line sitters recruited go through a training process to ensure they are providing the best customer service and experience. 

Furthermore, we improve the urban economy through the creation of convenient, flexible and above-average-wage job opportunities that do not require a car–an anomaly here in LA. We strive to be an eco-friendly service, curbing energy use by decreasing commutes.

Our customers are influencers, doers and go-getters seeking an enhanced experience. LineAngel fullfills that desire through efficiency, trustworthiness and providing customers with autonomy.