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Siimple, Collaborative Scheduling - LetsMeetAtJoes is a SaaS solution that simplifies scheduling with powerful tools and social networking features

In its most basic form LetsMeetAtJoes is a SaaS solution that allows people to collaboratively schedule a date, time and location for a small get-together, yet it’s powerful enough to scale with more advanced features (file sharing, pictures, communication, etc.) to manage large groups and organizations. 

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a get-together with more than two or three people you already know how difficult it can be to find  something that works for everyone,  and the larger your group the more difficult it becomes.

There are some tools that try to solve the problem with small groups, others that try with large groups, unfortunately there is not a single solution that provides the flexibility and scalability to be s single unified solution. 

LetsMeetAtJoes is the single solution that can help individuals, groups and organizations simplify their scheduling management with a unified platform.