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Company description

Lesson Seeds is an online community where educators continually and collectively improve the body of lessons they share. More than a lesson plan website, Lesson Seeds is a meeting place where committed teachers, mentors and school administrators engage daily in authentic conversations to improve their craft. The center of these conversations is the Lesson Plot, our unique, visual lesson cycle display.

Business model

Individual Plans - Freemium Model

The pricing model supports the marketing strategy by allowing users to join for free. Many users will be able to find the site useful with the Limited Author Plan.

For educators looking for more space and collaborative functionality, the Full Author Plan allows more connections and more curricula.

The Contributor/Admin Plan allows mentors and administrators to connect with lesson authors. This plan has a higher subscription fee because it carries higher levels of permissions and more collaboration tools.

Site Based Plans - Custom Pricing Model

Site-based plans provide an online professional development platform for instruction. Schools/districts pay for customized tools that meet the needs of their teachers and staff.

Competitive advantage

For educators, who want the most functional resource-sharing platform, Lesson Seeds is the online community that provides open and organized collaboration.

Our site platform and structure are uniquely organized and robust. Our powerful Lesson Plot displays a lesson plan visually, and our custom uploader helps teachers quickly and easily get their lessons online. In addition, because our site has the power to integrate multimedia and multiple feedback methods, we stand apart from the competition.