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Company description

There are three aspects of  Left Bank LLC, dba America Uncorked and, which sells great value imported wine:

1.  Business-to-business -- America Uncorked

2.  On-line direct to consumer, wine clubs --

3.  Creation of proprietary wine brands that will be sold business-to-business and on-line direct-to the consumer at a high margin -- creates a solid equity base

America Uncorked sells great value imported wines to the trade on a national level.  The wineries in the America Uncorked portfolio keep inventory in the USA at their own expense with no risk to America Uncorked.

In addition to selling to the trade, America Uncorked sells its wines to, a sister company, on a just-in-time basis.  Most wines retail for between $ 12 and $ 20 per bottle. then pays America Uncorked within 30 days after upfront credit card transactions for the sales are received.  Again there is no need to invest in inventory because purchases are made just-in-time.   The businesses are vertically integrated in that one aspect of the business sells to another aspect of the business earning the highest margins possible.

A third aspect of the business is to create and launch proprietary "Bibola" brands to be sold through the national trade and on-line through has various wine clubs, based on subscrpition memberships.  Most club members receive six bottles delivered quarterly.   Discounts are granted to wine club members as incentives to join.  There are no fees for joining. 

"Bibola" is the founders "alter ego", and is a cartoon character who tells her story of years in the international wine industry. is a whimsical, visually entertaining site with lots of personality and offers a very fun and educational shopping experience.

The portfolio will be expanded to offer new producers from around the world, including domestic wineries and proprietary brands, and will also add own brand tea, olive oil, chocolate and other complimentary gourmet products.

Business model
Wine broker that sells to the trade on a national level, and on-line direct to consumer thereby maximizing the highest margins possible.  Vertically integrated between sister companies:  America Uncorked sells to, earning a commission, and sells direct to the consumer with very high margin since Bibola receives the wholesale and retail margin having bought from America Uncorked at FOB USA warehouse prices.
Competitive advantage

Left Bank LLC works with wineries that keep inventory in the USA at their own expense, therefore there is no capital outlay in financing the inventory.  The company outsources all aspects of the business:  All costs associated with importation, warehousing and compliance are born by the producer, and commissions are paid to America Uncorked for all sales within the USA.  Therefore there is no risk to America Uncorked.  America Uncorked sells wine to its sister company just-in-time, reducing the risks to Bibola as there is again no need to finance inventory, and there is vertical integration in the company since America Uncorked sells to, and Bibola thereby earns both the wholesale and the retail margin on the wine.  The portfolio is great value, hard-to-find imported wine of very high quality.  The propriety brand will be created by  some of the same wine producers thereby creating economies of scale.  Other wines will be sourced just-in-time from domestic producers and importers.