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Teach, Market, and Sell From a Broadcast Video Studio, Supported by Influential Speech Direction, and Distributed on Smart Internet Video Publishing Platforms
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LectureMaker is a full service Internet broadcasting solution for marketers, technologists, scientists, professors, and sales people.  

LectureMaker offers a high quality fully staffed video studio built from the finest audio and video equipment available from the news and sports TV broadcasting industry. Produce your interviews, training films, customer testimonials, and web ads in our studio just like at a TV station - only for the Internet. Located in Sunnyvale, it is convenient for Bay Area companies to use for both single projects and for regular use as their own part-time studio.


  • Short ads for web banners
  • Customer testimonials
  • Virtual events (Live streaming, Live video streaming with audio conference call-in, and High-Definition recording for web hosting at the same time)
  • Feature length training films
  • Your own company or topic broadcast channel
  • Private videos accessible only by password
  • eCommerce and affiliate syndicated revenues from your videos

Don't have public speaking talent? We offer public speech training, coaching, and our own Toastmasters club right in LectureMaker's studio. Also, you can contract with LectureMaker to make your next Internet video, or come into LectureMaker's studio and use our staff to make just the right video to meet your needs.

LectureMaker offers video post production for those who already have video content, or to edit video produced in our studio. We built or own NVIDIA liquid cooled super computer for low noise, fast graphics, audio, and video processing.

Do you want your next live event turned into high quality video? LectureMaker has portable broadcasting equipment to capture your live events. In just a few hours, we can set up a live streaming Internet broadcast, and capture your event to high definition video for future use.

There are many choices for hosting video on the Internet. But only LectureMaker offers a premium video hosting and streaming service for your business needs. Search engine optimization, social networking, optimized eCommerce revenue streams, synergistic content from other clients, regular visitor analytic reports help you get the most market share from your video content.

Do you wish you could host your new videos on your own web site? LectureMaker offers its own Flash video player with optimized features for business videos. We use our own player as part of our video hosting solution, you can use it too!

References and examples of previous work

Lick Observatory's Summer Visitor Program

The above video was filmed by LectureMaker for Lick Observatory. The video opens with content produced in LectureMaker's studio along with a background "screencast" from a web browser showing crystal clear conversion of the real-time content produced by the speaker with a mouse in one hand. Then the video demonstrates how live events and an interview can be mixed in post production to create a feature length video.


Knowledge Preschool Parent Testimonials


The above video was filmed in LectureMaker's studio. First step was to create a virtual environment that looked like the preschool based on photo's and film footage taken a the school. Then parents came to LectureMaker's studio to be interviewed and filmed using LectureMaker's staff. Finally, the video was edited using Adobe After Effects to create a dynamic 3D effect, and a music track and voice offer was added for extra "punch".

One of several references on Ron Fredericks's LinkedIn profile...

Michael E. Driscoll

Michael E. hired LectureMaker in 2009 more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Ron was a pleasure to work with - his quality HD video production of our live event, subject matter blogging, collaboration with our presenters, and unique Internet publishing style, were some of the highlights. Looking forward to doing more work with Ron at LectureMaker.”