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Taking eLearning from "Isolation to Collaboration"
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Learn27: Social27 (parent company) launched Learn27 in mid 2012 and in a very short period of time we have got a lot of traction from our existing clients and also new clients. We are profitable and bootstrapped currently, but have decided to seek Series A funding to invest into the launch of the self service version of the social learning platform.



Mission: Learn27 seeks to take eLearning from Isolation to Collaboration with our social eLearning platform.

Customers: Our current customers include Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, Cengage Learning, Ultimate Software and more...

Enterprise: Our easy, powerful and affordable SaaS solution can be used by SMB or Enterprise organizations to create digital eLearning Academies-- train their employees, partners and vendors. Educational institutions:

Higher Ed institutons can utilize Learn27 to launch a Digital Academy that offers eLearning classes, courses & certifications for their students and / or employees, partners, vendors etc. They can charge fees and built a new revenue stream. Instructors can upload / embed their course materials in the form of videos or documents. Or even stream their classes utilizing our API integrations with Livestream and Ustream.

Students can learn from the instructor and from each other via a social learning environment with tools like message walls, activity feeds, Q&A, polls, surveys, groups, chats, networking lounge, contests, points & badges.

Mobile: And most importantly the Learn27 digital academies can be accessed from anywhere on any device – laptop, mobile device, tablet, and at any time!

Company Vision: Social27 (parent company) was founded with the objective to develop social B2B applications that bring the best practices of the B2C and social media world to the Enterprise. Our first solution Events27 (launched in 2010) is focused on Digital events.

Business model

Fee sharing / commission: We charge a flat 20% fee for our customers who are selling courses / classes using our platform.

Note: there is a minimum fee based on number of students / users.

Subscription Pricing:Customers who offer free classes can sign up for a fee per user / per month pricing package.

Partner Channel: We offer a discounted rate card for our channel partners and will aslo allow them to use a white label version of the platform, in select cases.

Competitive advantage

1. Learn27 is a B2B platform, most of the competition in the social eLearning space are B2C destination sites (Coursera, Udacity, Skillshare etc)

2. Our competition (B2C Destination elearning sites) spend lots of $$ to bring end users to their sites, our Enterprise customers and higher Ed organizations already have millions of users in the combined audience.

3. The free sites (Coursera) neither make $$ for themselves nor for their customers. They recently started experimenting with some fee based courses, success to be seen….

4. The parent company (Social27) is already in the Enterprise (for past 3 yrs) with first mover advantage- if competition decides to go B2B.

5. Social27 (parent company) is a 1 stop shop: eLearning, virtual events, online communities and virtual job fairs.

6. Most LMS systems require long deployment cycles and rigid change management. Social27 is easy, simple and a super flexible platform (like editing a Facebook page or Wordpress blog)