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Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Leads360, LLC, founded in August 2004, provides lead management software to mortgage, insurance and secondary education companies. Leads360 is managed by a team of technology professionals with 50 years collective experience in software development, sales and operations management. Our clients purchase and self-generate thousands of sales leads for their products, be it a mortgage refinance, insurance policy or education degree program. Our product, the LeadManager, enables our clients to increase their return on investment for these leads. LeadManager is a robust and easy-to-use tool used to organize, distribute, track and close sales leads. LeadManager provides managers real-time visibility over their business, enabling them to make better decisions about how to run their sales operations. Our flagship product, LeadManager is a full-lifecycle lead management solution built from the ground up to be the most customizable, cost effective, and high performance tool on the market. LeadManager is the only solution that enables you to build a completely custom lead management workflow based on your unique lead management best practices. LeadManager enables you to do more business in less time with fewer resources using a secure, Web-based application service that's available anytime, anywhere. LeadManager is provided as a hosted application service which allows our clients to access the LeadManager anytime, anywhere using a standard Web browser, eliminating their need to maintain IT infrastructure. Clients pay a monthly license fee for each LeadManager account.