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Company description

LeadGenius, based in Berkeley, CA, is a marketing and sales platform that enables B2B companies to better engage with their ideal accounts, accelerate the buying cycle, and increase revenue.

LeadGenius is powered by best-in-class B2B data which is continually refined through a unique combination of machine learning technology and skilled human researchers. LeadGenius’ customers range from Fortune 500 companies such as Google and eBay, to rapidly-growing companies such as Weebly.

Founded in 2011 by three U.C. Berkeley graduate students (Anand Kulkarni, Dave Rolnitzky, and Prayag Narula), LeadGenius is a fast-growing SaaS company with the heart of a social enterprise and a mission to provide meaningful opportunities to underemployed individuals with digital skills anywhere in the world.  LeadGenius is a charter member and signer of the Good Work Code.

  • Anand Kulkarni
    Anand Kulkarni | Founder
    Anand Kulkarni is president and cofounder of LeadGenius.
  • William Wickey
    William Wickey | Team member
    Media Strategy, Lean Marketing, Content Creation, Crisis Communications, Competitive Intelligence.
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