The Pandora for Standup Comedy
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Company description is launching the first streaming app dedicated to stand-up comedy. The app not only allows listeners to stream comedy from professional comedians (such as Chris Rock and George Carlin), it allows emerging comedians to upload and publish comedy albums of their own. Laugh Radio has acquired comedic recordings of hundreds of professional comedians. We also have direct distribution deals with the largest media publishers in comedy such as Comedy Central. No other platform has the ability to capture a significant portion of the $10b comedy market. We've built a cutting-edge on-demand platform for entertainment media. 

We've launched and here is a snapshot of our success:

  • Selected by the Apple Store editors as one of the "New Apps We Love"
  • We peaked at 10,000 downloads, now averaging 3,000 downloads a day and just hit 50,000 installs
  • Average app rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars across 100+ reviews
  • Overtaken Seeso and Comedy in category rankings (went up to #33)
  • Ranked #1 in search terms Laugh, Standup, and Comedy
  • Average listen time per day 48 minutes (compared to Pandora's 22 minutes/day)
  • Day 1 retention rates are 33% without any retention marketing efforts (compared to an industry average of 20%)
  • Week 1 retention rates above 50% (compared to an industry average of 30%)
  • App store conversion is at 60% (compared to an industry average of 40%)
  • Our push notifications have a response rate of 11% (compared to an industry average of 3.5%)

Awards and Mentions
Business model

We generate revenue two ways. First, we sell ads against listening hours. At an $10 CPM, we expect to generate about .80 per 100 streams. We pay royalties at about .15 per 100 streams. In addition, we have a subscription model. For $3.99 per month, you can access our service commercial-free, plus the freedom to download tracks,

Competitive advantage
  • Flexibility - listen to comedy on demand or as a radio station
  • Technology - we transcribe speech to text for search, profanity filtering, and SEO.