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Company description

Last Chance Ads is a web / mobile media marketplace matching advertisers with media owners, offering traditional and new media opportunities 24/7


Why does Last Chance Ads exist?

The purpose of this innovation is to centrally gather, display and offer for sale, advertising space from leading media companies across all types of media.

Businesses can quickly and effortlessly purchase any type of media at Last Chance Ads, saving valuable time, money and effort.

How does it work?

It does this by clearly displaying the latest media ads or space available, material deadlines, prices and any Terms and Conditions.

Businesses can quickly and easily search, review and buy by media type, category, location, publication, target market, price or date.

Businesses can also combine different media types in the same transaction, with an easy to use checkout, via web or mobile

Is it really different?

This innovation improves on what came before because businesses can now quickly and easily search, review, set alerts for future opportunities and buy all their advertising in one place. 

  • Businesses can also buy different types of media in a single transaction.
  • Media Company Independent – transparent and objective.
  • It never closes - available 24/7 on both the web and mobile.
  • New advertising is uploaded every 24 hours.

Finalist in the SMART 100 2010


Business model

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