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Company description

LAMP stands for Lead Automated Marketing Process and is an integrated lead generation, nurturing and sales process, managed by cloud software designed specifically for SMEs.

It allows you to build relationships, supports lead generation, nurturing and sales processes, designed as a single easy to use solution for SMEs, to gain you more business.

LAMP includes a comprehensive array of content marketing , CRM and marketing automation functionality, in a single, easy to understand product. 

Business model

SaaS Monthly subscriptions per user

We also have the option of an innovative pay per lead pricing model, similar to Google. 

Competitive advantage
  • LAMP is a process not a toolkit, directly solves the marketeer's problem
  • LAMP solves the all the problem - it is not just a good point solution 
  • All the data - 360 degree view of prospect/customer in one system
  • Automates sales and marketing intelligently - apply expensive sales resources, effectively, close more larger deals more quickly
  • Value for money and makes it useful to SMEs 10-250 employees