Lab Sensor Solutions

Lab Sensor Solutions
Making Data Actionable
Redwood City, California, United States United States

Sensor network platform that delivers real-time information on healthcare assets and gives customers the tools they need to increase efficiency, prevent medical errors and save lives.

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Company description

Lab Sensor Solutions specializes in IoT Sensor data & uses it to solve real problems in the healthcare and food safety markets. We increase  safety while helping customers meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and save lives. The opportunity for sensor network data to positively impact systems and processes within healthcare and food safety is huge.

Our initial product, T-Tracks™, is a real-time solution that monitors perishable materials, like lab samples, blood and pharmaceuticals, and fresh foods, dairy and key farm production parameters, and alerts customers before materials are compromised. T-Tracks™ meets a real need right now. Our initial customers are seeing major benefits and the industry is waking up to the realities of increased regulatory enforcement and demand for safer products and reducing margins that make our solution a must-have for their operations. 

Our team has deep experience in the space, where founders previously worked together to solve similar customer problems. Our T-Tracks™ customers are very enthusiastic, we have a distribution partnerships  and VAR deals and integrations underway.







  • Daniel Paley
    Daniel Paley | Founder
    Over 20 years experience in Chip and System design and verification. I've managed complex system product developments along with system intellectual property and patent at Xerox PARC, Rambus, and Intelleflex. Daniel is an RFID subject mater expert.
  • Brad Jung
    Brad Jung | Founder
    With over 20 years of experience in software and systems, I'm passionate about using technology to change people's lives for the better. I'm currently part of the leadership team at Lab Sensor Solutions where we are focused on healthcare logistics.
  • Jarie Bolander
    Jarie Bolander | Founder
    I am an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature, experienced at bring innovative solutions to market. Currently I'm the co-founder and COO of Lab Sensor Solutions, a company improving healthcare through the use of sensor networks.
  • Geoffrey Zawolkow
    Geoffrey Zawolkow | Founder
    With thirty years experience starting & managing high tech companies, he spent the past 6 understanding the benefits that Sensors As A Service offers in healthcare. As CEO of Lab Sensor Solutions, he's focused on healthcare logistics solutions.
Awards and Mentions
Business model

Subscription model, Pricing based on number of sensors monitored. Covers all basic services of the platform.

Competitive advantage

Competitor products do not effectively solve issues for these customers. The closest competition requires complex integration and frequent user interaction. LSS is the only company that delivers a complete, affordable, plug-and-play, automated solution for monitoring and tracking perashable healthcare materials in transit.

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