Kyliptix Solutions, Inc.

Kyliptix Solutions, Inc.
Good-bye Complicated. Hello Simple, Simple
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Irvine, California, United States United States
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Kyliptix Solutions, Inc. was founded by Bill Gast in 2004. Bills vision and the Company's focus is to provide "Simple, Simple" Web-based software solutions for small-to-medium businesses everywhere.
As a technology-based and market driven company, Kyliptix is committed to developing an ever increasing range of business applications known as Kyliptix Business Services or KiBS - all part of a vision focused on providing highly usable and affordable solutions for small-to-medium businesses everywhere. KiBS works for businesses in all industries because it addresses the fundamental needs of any business; to increase efficiency, control costs and enable growth.

Kyliptix founders recognized that small-to-medium businesses require much of the same functionality and integration employed by large-scale enterprises, but packaged and priced differently. This prompted Kyliptix to design a single platform from which all applications could work. From there, the service was developed to accommodate the functional, budgetary, implementation and scalability needs of small-to-medium businesses. The result: the "simple, simple" KiBS Web-based solution.

Previously, small-to-medium businesses were severely limited in their software solution choices because the vast majority of software vendors focus on the needs of medium-to-large corporate enterprises. Those that focus on the small-to-medium market are typically single product companies which, no matter how good the product, fail to solve the fundamental needs of the market. Knitting together a hodge podge of business applications from a variety of vendors just means more complexity resulting in a downward spiraling loss of efficiency and effectiveness with ever diminishing returns. Business becomes harder to manage not easier.
Today, the multi-lingual KiBS is available around the globe, essentially transforming the way thousands of companies do business. KiBS simplifies the management, processes, data, collaboration and security issues that businesses face daily. KiBS provides greater consistency, improved efficiency and reduced risk to the user and business alike at an unrivalled price point.
KiBS – everything you need to operate your sales, marketing, customer service and HR functions.

Our business philosophy is also unique. In addition to our extremely low price points we employ a pay as you go utility style business model which means no long term, or even short term, contracts. We don’t want or expect any long term commitments from our clients; our job is to make sure we win a clients business one day at a time, every day. If they choose not to use our services, for any reason at all, they simply do so. They will only pay us for actual past usage. The days of long term unbreakable contracts or worse still even more expensive license and support contracts are a thing of the past. That is the Kyliptix way.
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