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Company description

We are a team of multidisciplinary visionaries and engineering veterans with over 90 years combined experience in wireless embedded system design and consumer hardware/firmware/app product development. Our mission is to bring to the marketplace unique consumer and health & wellness products and inventions that enhance all aspects of our everyday life.

Products:  “Open Me” Smart Bottle Cap, Vital Signs Sensor, Whole-house BTL mesh network (Products announced at IDG DEMO Fall 2014, San Jose, Ca)

  1. “Open Me” (Trademark) Smart Bottle Cap: Bluetooth Smart sensor in Bottle Cap detects when cap is opened (or when user forgets to open by certain time of day) , thereby monitors and reminds user to take medications.
  2. Vital Signs Sensor (embedded in Light switch):  when a finger is placed on the sensor, it records Vital Signs (heart rate, %02) and streams it live via Bluetooth Smart. The result can be correlated with Smart Bottle Cap events to show cause-effect relationship over a period of time.
  3. The same heart rate sensor also supports gesture recognition (for other home appliances control) which can be useful for the elderly or physically challenged patients.
  4. Whole-house Bluetooth mesh network software: extends the range coverage of Bluetooth Smart throughout the entire house. This patent-pending technology removes the short range limitation of BLE, thereby allowing existing 3rd-party BLE Wearables and BLE wellness & health devices including "OpenMe" Smart Bottle Cap to operate and be “within range” anywhere in the house.
  5. Beyond medication adherence, our platform of Smart Bottle Cap/ Whole House Bluetooth Smart Mesh Network/ Vital Signs Sensor creates a true solution for “Patient Centric Care”. 

Watch  OpenMe" Youtube video demo below: 






Awards and Mentions
Business model

- Revenues from hardware products ("OpenMe" Bottle Caps, lightswitch/gateway for vital-sign monitoring as well as home health automation)

  IOS/Android OpenMe apps are free, and can work with either KoolTechs/or 3rd-party Vital Sign monitoring sensor hardware, or with popular, free, software-only "heart-rate" iOS/Android apps from Azumio Inc which measure heart rate via smartphone camera's flash & lens  (View the above video demo). 


- Revenues from data services to pharmacies, health insurance and home healthcare companies




         1. Medication non adherence costs  $289  billions  annually in US

         2. US Pharmaceutical Industry  loses  $188  billions  annually due to medication non adherence

Potential Clients

  1. General Consumers: Sell directly to people taking medications via online or retail stores (321 millions people who are on at least 1 medication)
  2. Pharmacies. Dispense with our Smart Bottle Cap:  improved compliance, more consistent refills, higher sales revenue.
  3. Pharmaceutical Research. Track compliance, efficacies, during clinical trials
  4. Insurance Companies: Subsidize cost of Smart Bottle Cap as medication compliance reduces morbidity, mortality, re-hospitalization and ultimately health care cost.
  5. Clinical Research: Big data analytics provide evidence-based data on efficacies, side effects, “cause and effect” for comparison among drugs: Goal is to reduce usage of equivalent high dollar meds to reduce healthcare cost.
  6. Home health:  Monitoring medication compliance is critical in homebound patients.



Competitive advantage

- Patent-pending "OpenMe" Smart Bottle Cap (and to correlate these "OpenMe" events with vital-sign monitoring using data analytics)

- Patent-pending whole-house BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) networking software that is compatible with most BLE wearable devices on the market. This allows these commercial BLE devices to no longer be limited by the short range of the low power BLE signal, thus opening up many new opportunities in home healthcare (e.g. Monitoring fall detection in elderly people wherever they are in the home)

- Expertise in end-to-end IoT "Internet of Things" (from sensors to short-range wireless to home gateway to cloud services, data analytics and mobile apps.

- Our 1st product  was successfully  launched on KickStarter KoolThings campaign (Dec 2013; $57K raised)  and was delivered  to all backers. Available on Apple and Google appstore for download, KoolApp app targets BLE-based markets (IoT Wearables, health & wellness, security tagging and automation)


How are we different from other Medication Reminder Apps

  1. We are more than just software apps. We have both hardware and software and networking technologies. As with any reminder app, you are responsible for completing the action and reset the reminder yourself as “done”. In many instances, people will reset as “done” before the action is ever completed (for peace and quiet) only to forget about it altogether. With our Smart Bottle Cap sensor, it will only reset automatically as “done” once the cap is actually twisted open. (Additionally, just touching/ moving the bottle without actually twisting it open isn’t sufficient as our solution is more foolproof and reliable than other accelerometer based hardware solution.)
  2. The information on the patient’s name, medication, dosage, refills will be automatically digitally stored in the Smart Bottle Cap by the pharmacy during dispensing or imported by the patient via barcode scanner phone app. Therefore, the patient needs to simply “sync” the Smart Bottle Cap with the phone app. This alleviates the painful task of manually entering data into the app while eliminating potential typo errors. In addition, the app can read out loud these relevant infos : " MR  Mark Johnson, take 1 Celebrex with meal" to confirm "The Right patient, Right medication, Right dose" and to help the visually impaired patients.
  3.  Our platform of Smart Bottle Cap/ Whole House Bluetooth Smart Mesh Network/ Vital Signs Sensor creates a true solution for “Patient Centric Care”. As our system works with other 3rd party vendors, data on medication adherence can be correlated with Vital Signs, Weight, Blood Pressure reading, Glucose and many others. Correlation Graphs help the patient visualize and understand the cause /effect of compliance and more likely will involve the patient in decision making of his/her own care. In addition, these correlations also give physicians a more complete picture of the patient health status.
  4. Whole House Networking technologies enable your Smart Bottle Caps and various other monitoring devices to be located anywhere in the house and not be constrained by the limited Bluetooth Range of 25m from your Smart Phone.

 Is the product compatible with both Android and iOS: Yes, Our Open Me Smart Bottle cap works with both Android and iOS devices.