Location: Cylkowskiego, Gdynia, Poland Poland
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Online event registration software
Gdynia, Poland Poland
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Company description

Konfeo is an online event registration software which enables you to quickly create an event, make it possible for users to sign up and pay for tickets. Whether you are organizing a major conference, sports or music event, or smaller activity such as a professional course or workshop, Konfeo is the perfect solution.

The original idea and aim for the development of Konfeo was, and still is the ability to supply event organizers with an application which combines the three most important features:

  • convenient to use, user friendly and rapid handling of the application;
  • safety and security of any collected data;
  • full reliability.

Why is Konfeo worth using?

Over 5,500 event organizers and over 175,000 participants have trusted us so far. Konfeo is a tool designed and developed by experienced professionals of organizing events:

  • Konfeo is a highly intuitive, advanced application for efficient management of any type of event;
  • the system is designed with efficiency and convenience of work in mind. Konfeo’s simple to use dashboard requires no prior training.

Konfeo was created by IT professionals and event specialists with a foundation of 20 years of experience, who combined the creation and development of the latest in advanced Internet applications with practical experience and knowledge about organizing all types of events.