Kollabio, Inc.

Kollabio, Inc.
Holistic Wellness Through Continuous Care
Ashburn, Virginia, United States United States
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Health360 is a data driven digital health solution with a focus on bridging the engagement gap between patients and providers through continuous care and digital therapeutics, while improving patient outcomes and reducing cost of treating chronic conditions.  We bridge the gap between visits and care providers by enabling patients to track their health through the use of wearables and connected sensors continuously - and provide access to this data to their care provider either between visits for a more comprehensive patient profile and health context.  In addition, we enable care providers (doctors, home care providers and other care providers) to expand care beyond the walls of the clinics and monitor the health of their patients remotely through Health360 platform. Patients stay connected to physicians and care providers between visits and share the health data collected through connected sensors with their care team remotely and securely.  
This solution is designed to enable providers to make more proactive and informed decisions based on insights into the patient data including activity, sleep, biometrics and lifestyle patterns, ultimately improving the care a patient experiences from pre-hospital care preparation, hospital stay through post-discharge care and in-home support.