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Company description

As businesses move from traditional software to SaaS, and employees are empowered to purchase the tools they need to do their job, there is a greater need to manage the risks associated with the dynamic nature of SaaS apps. Kloud View is a tool that helps businesses manage these risks and proactively identify opportunities to save money.





Awards and Mentions
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    Kloud View wins the $50,000 Grand Prize as well as a $10,000 bonus for best parsing app. Judges included Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, David Cohen, Matt Blumberg & Joshua Baer.
  • Business model

    We have a subscription model and our initial target is companies that have at least raised a Series A, are less than 10 years old and have 25 to 500 employees.

    In order to acquire more data, Kloud View is free for startups and freelancers. We plan to monetize this later with targeted offers from SaaS companies, but we have not focused on this yet.


    Competitive advantage

    Our primary competitive advantage is our use of machine learning to make sense out of almost any unstructed data. It would simply be impossible to write regular expressions to parse the thousands of differenty invoice types that exist.