Know and grow your brain.
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Company description

The brain is an amazing and powerful part of the human body. A healthy brain leads to happiness, success, and fulfillment. Unfortunately, very few children understand how the brain works and how to make it stronger.

Kizoom teaches children to know and grow their brains. Our software products educate and then motivate children, ultimately encouraging them to maintain a healthy brain. Our ultimate goal is to increase confidence, performance, and happiness for children.





  • Tavis McGinn
    Tavis McGinn | Founder
    Over 10 years of experience in research and analytics. Curious. Hard-working. Results-oriented. Entrepreneur. Analytical. Idea factory. Story-teller. Listener. Nerd. Problem-solver. Strategist.
  • Erica Warp
    Erica Warp | Team member
    Neuroscientist and artist turned entrepreneur and educator, Erica Warp PhD is the Co-Foudner of Kizoom and creator or Ned the Neuron, and is on a mission to help kids know and grow their brains.
Awards and Mentions
Business model

Direct-to-consumer (for online products and apps) with a subscription-based pricing model. Enterprise pricing for schools, daycares, and other organizations. 

Competitive advantage

1. A strong brand with lovable characters

2. A foundation in neuroscience