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Kiwi Campus
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

Kiwi Campus is a web and mobile platform where students can order food on-demand in campus colleges and get it delivered by robots. We make money by taking a cut from restaurants, marking up prices and sampling and advertising. Our growth at the moment is only capped by how fast we can build robots. Robots are comparatively inexpensive ($1200 USD including labor). This allow us to cut the expenses 4x than U.S couriers. We started in UC Berkeley in March.The robot is built on top of an RC CAR, we are making these autonomous using only vision, with only a handful of cameras (no lidar). That means a lot of machine learning and image processing. Also we use GPS and sensor fusion for support.








Awards and Mentions
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  • Business model

    20% commission from restaurant. 2,80 delivery fee. Sampling and advertising with brands. We are also testing subscription services and have more than 1.000 customers in waiting list.

    Competitive advantage

    We starting with college campuses and that allowed us to move faster. We are controlling the whole vertical offering an app to order food online, we build our own robots and we are actually making money in each delivery from day one. Our robots are 10-20 times cheaper than competition. We are solving computer vision instead of using expensive sensors and hardware. 90% of our engineers and support team are from Colombia, that allowed us to have seniors developers at 1/10 of the cost of Silicon Valley.