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Upload your titles and trailers using our unique Upload Manager right from your home no matter where you are located across the entire globe. Your video assests are then transcoded into many different forms making them compatible for many different VOD outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Our system also prepares the artwork and "metadata" files which describe your title. Your title - including metadata, trailer & images - is automatically delivered to the VOD outlets of your choice. They review the package and make their selection. Once these VOD outlets accept your film and make it live you make money on every view. We take 20% of the share and pay the remaining 80% to you. 


A film distribtuion company made simple. Our one of a kind distribution service allows the film mkaer to upload his/her film from anywhere in the world onto ourwebsite. One the film is uploaded our unique upload manager is able to convert the video along with its "metadata" and picture art into many different forms that are specific to the VOD outlets available. We then delivery the whole package to VOD outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon and they have the option to select it. With our new technology we can delivery the film to any outlet in a matter of seconds. We kepp 20% of the revenue and the rest goes directly to the film uploader. 

Competitive advantage

Unlike other film distribution companies our film makers do not need to send in a hardrive with his/her film on it. Our technology allows film makers to upload films no matter what the size is online. We also are able to convert each film to fit multiple different VOD outlets standards with the click of one button in about 10 seconds for a couple of cents. Most film distribution companies require the film to be transcoded individually for every single VOD outlet which can cost thousands of dollars and a full day of hard work.