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Company description
Social entrepreneur Martin Fisher was named the Person of 2008 by OneWorld readers across the planet.
The Power of Pumps

Engineer of the Year Martin Fisher's human-powered irrigation pumps lift both water and standards of living.......
Joseph Ogando, Senior Editor -- Design News, September 22, 2008
KickStart Co-Founder Martin Fisher Receives $100,000 Lemelson-MIT
Award for Sustainability

Martin Fisher has been awarded the 2008 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability <> , for his efforts to transform the lives of poor African farmers through technological invention and business development.
Created in 1994 by Jerome H. Lemelson, one of America’s most prolific inventors, and his wife Dorothy, the Lemelson-MIT Program recognizes outstanding inventors; encourages sustainable new solutions to real-world problems; and inspires young people to pursue invention.

As co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit social enterprise KickStart <>  , Fisher develops and markets moneymaking tools such as low-cost, human-powered irrigation pumps.
”Most development agencies see the poor as victims needing help,” Fisher explained. “At KickStart, we see them as hardworking entrepreneurs seeking the opportunity to get out of poverty.”

At present, nearly 62,000 small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs in Kenya, Tanzania and Mali are running profitable businesses by using MoneyMaker pumps. On average, farmers double or triple their annual net household incomes. Current pump users generate total new revenues equivalent to 0.6 percent of Kenya’s GDP, and 0.25 percent of Tanzania’s GDP.

”The MoneyMaker pumps Martin designed are inspirational on many levels,” said David M. Kelley, IDEO chairman. “They are an exceedingly simple solution to a very complex problem.” 


KickStart is an award winning non-profit, social enterprise that has already taken over 300,000 people in Africa out of poverty. KickStart does this by designing and mass-marketing very low cost tools and equipment that are bought by poor families and used to establish highly profitable small businesses.

Establish in July 1991 by Nick Moon and Martin Fisher, KickStart was founded in Kenya as an international social enterprise.

KickStart has offices in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mali. We have engineers and technicians that design and develop our award winning products. We also employ trainers and promoters to explain the benefits of our products to our customers.

KickStart's unique model developed in Kenya is now being replicated in other African countries. We established an ambitious goal to expand our program in East Africa and open new programs in Southern and West Africa to help millions more people out of poverty. 

KickStart's market and private-sector oriented approach ensures that the impacts of its program become fully self-sustaining in local economies. Technologies are installed in the private sector and continue to be produced, marketed, and used by entrepreneurs to create thousands of vibrant new businesses and jobs, long after KickStart's interventions have ceased.

KickStart’s best selling tools are its human powered, “MoneyMaker” irrigation pumps that enable poor farmers to move from subsistence farming – where they wait for the rain to grow one or two crop cycles per year – to irrigated agriculture, where they grow and sell high value fruits and vegetables all year long. KickStart’s $98 and $35 pumps are operated like small stair-master machines and can pull water from wells as deep as 28 feet, and spray it through a hose pipe to irrigate as much as 2 acres of land. Farmers who use these easy to maintain pumps, on average increase their family incomes by a factor of 3 to 4. For the first time, they can properly feed, clothe and educate their children, build new houses, invest in new businesses opportunities and plan for a better future.  





Business model

KickStart designs the pumps and sells them through a network of over 500 local retail shops in the countries where it works. It then uses donor funds to widely promote and market the pumps to poor, but entrepreneurial, farmers.
Once the pumps become well known and commonly used, KickStart will leave in place a fully sustainable supply chain that continues to sell them to farmers on a purely profitable basis – enabling millions more people to escape poverty. KickStart will then continue to develop and promote new MoneyMaking technologies in new countries.

Competitive advantage

To date over 60,000 families in Africa have used KickStart technologies to escape from poverty, and every $250 donated to KickStart enables another family to get out of poverty forever.