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Company description

Keepskor is the first social network build around gaming: we allow users to create, share, and play games with friends. 

Our view is that games are the most engaging form of advertising and we provide brands with a way to involve themselves in the discussion with individuals by creating scavenger hunts, trivia, ladders, memory games and more. 

We have done work with Coca-Cola, the Premier League, Microsoft, Carrefour (French retailer), Nokia, and more in the past and are looking to launch our consumer-facing platform at the end of March.

Awards and Mentions
Business model

Keepskor provides brands and marketers with a new channel of of engagement on social and mobile platforms. Our innovative solution allows brands to start campaigns for as little as $2000 per month.

Competitive advantage

A team with a proven track record: our employees are among the top experts in their respective fields.

Deep contacts into the ad agency world: we work closely with advertising partners to help them accomplish incredible results.

Patent-pending technology: We have developed and are in the process of patenting true innovations in the mobile and social media presentation arena.

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Nathan Low - Unconfirmed
Valence Ventures - Unconfirmed
Valence Ventures is an early stage investment fund based in New York City.Our primary focus is helping extraordinary entrepreneurs gain access to the capital, people and tools that they need to build great companies.In particular we look for scala...