Location: UCI, Irvine, California, United States United States
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Keeping-it-Fresh! is a novel, low-cost device to maintain soda carbonation in opened beverages
Irvine, California, United States United States
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A significant proportion of soft drinks (soda) are sold in the 2L bottle format, affording a lower cost per ounce of soda in comparison to equivalent 12 ounce cans. A major drawback of this packaging format stems from the fact that unless the soda is consumed at once, any remaining soda in an opened 2L soda bottle reduces in carbonation with each successive opening and resealing. Often any remaining soda is flat and undrinkable, resulting in wasted money and resources.

The Keeping-it-Fresh!TM system allows an individual to enjoy crisply carbonated soda from the beginning to end of a 2L soda bottle. Comprised of 3 components: a CO2 cartridge (FreshCartridge-8TM), a 1-way valve replacement bottle cap (FreshCapTM), and a hand held dispenser system (FreshInjectorTM), this system allows an individual to instantly and cost effectively reintroduce lost carbonation to open 2L soda bottles to maintain consistent soda quality.