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We are founders, operators and investors partnering with entrepreneurs building disruptive and innovative companies.

Given our collective backgrounds we are able to understand an entrepreneur’s vision, how to build a successful business and where we can play the most integral role. With a valuable network and set of experiences, each member of our team is focused on helping an entrepreneur execute and accelerate.

We recognize that innovation and disruption may be birthed from anywhere. Therefore, we are truly global investors with a portfolio reaching all ends of the world.

Complementary to our focus on venture capital, we have experience in a number of asset classes including public equities, structured products and real estate. We will also explore the incubation of in-house intellectual property. These ancillary activities coupled with a global portfolio allow a comprehensive perspective and continuous learning experience on not only the startups with which we partner but also the economies in which they operate.
Our Process
We approach every investment as a team, calling on the analysis and perspective of each team member allows decisions made on a more thorough and holistic basis.

Our relationship with an entrepreneur begins with the first meeting. It is essential to our investment thesis to understand the passion and vision behind an idea in addition to the nascent stage from where that idea will begin – two items often lost in most due diligence processes.

Our experience within public companies allows us to help startups mature quickly. We work to point companies in the direction of a streamlined, efficient operation where decisions can be made and results can be produced. In addition to our own expertise, we bring the independent perspectives from our extensive network of operators and industry experts that can be invaluable to an entrepreneur. Whether in the form or a board member, advisor or colleague, we make sure our entrepreneurs have readily available and diverse outlets from which to seek advice.

We have seen first hand that businesses don’t often progress as planned or as hoped – experience vital to an entrepreneur seeking committed and steadfast partners. We provide the guidance to keep entrepreneurs in the direction of their vision and on the path to turning a startup into a business.
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