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Kanga Technology

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Kanga Technology
Global Solutions for Local Delivery
Atlanta, Georgia, United States United States
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Company description

Hundreds of existing and novel Gig-Economy companies exist to offer same-day delivery of products ranging from ice cream to designer wedding gowns. These companies face dual challenges of growing a fleet of drivers and a customer base, while also developing their software.

Kanga Technology's white-labeled software platform helps both emerging startups and Enterprises manage their same-day delivery needs and hire needed drivers without a huge capital investment.

Kanga's platform includes:

  • Shipper-driver-recipient geotargeting, text, and voice communications
  • Dispatch abilities in one geography or across multiple geographies
  • Driver onboarding
  • Data dashboard and analytics
  • Dynamic load balancing APIs that allow companies to share overflow deliveries with other providers, and backfill availability in down-time

Our turnkey solution is helping clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to better serve their customers' growing demands for same-day local delivery. From the United States to Southeast Asia to South Africa, Kanga Technology users are benefitting from our powerful suite of tools.

Current pilots include a major Airline (mishandled baggage and lost & found), a Fortune 500 pulp and paper company (replenishment of paper products and dispensers), a global hotelier, and many more.

Kanga Technology ( is currently directly serving customers via our subsidiary Kanga Delivery Inc (, and through 3rd party startups via our brand.

Our new GigPool SaaS tool allows gig economy employees to search for the gig jobs that work best for them, and apply automatically in one interface. This helps maximize earnings for contractors by giving them multiple gig economy contracts, and helps gig economy companies by reducing their costs of partner acquisition while simultaneously ensuringthat state governments view their contractors not as employees.

Drivers can joing the Kanga Delivery Network via our iOS, Android, and web onboarding process, and can be checked for vehicle history, criminal background, and more depending on specific client requirements. We can also onboard other gig-economy company providers through our dynamic load balancing API. Current drivers range from individual contractors to existing courier and 3PL providers, to other crowd economy partners.





























Awards and Mentions
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    ATDC Signature companies are high-potential technology and life sciences companies located in or willing to move to Georgia. Unlike other startups, these companies distinguish themselves by having: More than just an idea; you are an emerging company with a leadership team (even a team of two counts!) and goals Industry‐changing, disruptive technology or deep intellectual property Scalable product or service Coachable management team Aptitude for receiving strategic investments or government grants As well, Signature companies support ATDC’s goal of bringing economic value to Georgia. ATDC screens for how unique and defensible the core product or service is; the potential for the business to scale and receive funding; the domain expertise and full time commitment of the team; plus our ability to add value through ATDC’s program and coaching.
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    Venture Atlanta is the premier technology conference in Georgia that connects Georgia’s entrepreneurs with the capital they need to grow their businesses. We have officially crossed the BILLION DOLLAR threshold! Companies who have presented at Georgia venture conferences have raised well over $1 BILLION.
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  • Business model

    Kanga initially launched as an UBER for delivery model focused on the local delivery of items in B2C and peer-to-peer market segments. After acquiring 5,000 users and dozens of businesses in the Atlanta area during the initial 6 month customer discovery pilot phase, Kanga identified that there was immense need for this product in the B2B enterprise space.

    The team began expanding the technology platform, as a result of discussions with executives that needed help solving 3 unique pain points:

    1. Resource Optimization: Existing local delivery options inherently create both shortages and overages in supply of deliveries, and drivers. Simply put, companies must choose whether to have insufficient delivery resources to meet peak demands, leaving customers unsatisfied, or to have an overage of resources, leaving delivery resources underutilized. Kanga's software provides an optimized solution which enables companies needing delivery, and companies performing delivery to maximize their capabilities and minimize their downtime.

    2.  Insight Poor: The lack of metrics and feedback loop often keep executives in the dark on the local delivery experience. Kanga offers a white-labeled integrated dashboard that allows Enterprises to track status changes, delivery SLAs, and detailed geolocation of deliveries, drivers, and customers.

    3. Customer Experience: Customers are often the last to know when exactly their delivery will arrive. Customers often feels 'hostage' to a particular location while awaiting for deliveries slated to arrive within a certain window. Kanga gives customers the ability to message drivers while en-route, change the delivery time and/or location and track the location of drivers. This technology provides significant value for both businesses, and their customers.

    As Kanga grows both our technology, our Kanga Driver Network, and thus our market penetration grows alongside it. The Kanga Delivery platform operates with individual licensees taking ownership of "zones" of delivery within a given metro area. These zones, depending on geography and demographics can range from an entire state, to a single zip code or smaller. These licensees manage deliveries for existing and new Kanga Technology enterprise customers, and also have the ability to grow their own delivery presence by adding new local businesses to their portfolio. Kanga technology takes a small commission from each successfully complete delivery in our network. The local delivery industry is a $220Bn/year market, and just as Uber has helped grow the demand for ride-sharing services, so too will Kanga and others in the field grow demand for on-demand local delivery.

    Kanga currently earns a 30% commission on all deliveries executed directly through the Kanga Delivery mobile apps, and a 7.5% commission on all deliveries executed by partner companies, local licensees, and enterprise SaaS instances.

    Competitive advantage

    Kanga is entirely agnostic as to who provides our deliveries, assuming certain base criteria are met. This means that the existing landscape of local delivery companies, including startups and companies like Uber can access our data through our API, and perform these deliveries for themselves. Kanga Technology still earns the same commission, and these delivery partners are incentivized to stay alert and on the road, something companies like Lyft and Uber are very focused on. For delivery focused startups, our system can help fill availability and downtime as they grown their driver presence in new markets.

    Our technology helps established businesses and startups to maximize utility of their assets in off-peak time, while also maximizing customer satisfaction during peak hours by providing an alternate means of completing deliveries through our network. Simply put, there is no other technology of this kind in existence, and it is our goal to share what we've built with the quickly growing world of local delivery.

    For example, a large retail chain wants to provide a same-day delivery service. Historically, there is no existing company that offers a white-label solution for integrated same-day delivery. The Kanga platform can have this retail chain up and running in a matter of weeks, quicker, and more affordably than building in-house, or even outsourcing. Even better, our existing Kanga Delivery Network can provide drivers ranging from bicycle messengers to flat-bed trucks, all accessible on-demand for this retail chain. There is no solution on the market that is as turn-key, robust, or purpose built.

    Kanga intends to be core supplier of same-day local logistics technology and solutions. Consumer demand for this product is growing at an astounding rate, and only increasing. Kanga will become the leading provider, and industry standard bearer of this technology at a global scale.

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