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Kaltura – The 1st Open-Source Platform for Video Creation, Management, Interaction, and Collaboration

Kaltura's open source platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost–effectively integrate advanced interactive rich–media functionalities, including video searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing. Kaltura' goal is to bring interactive video to every site and to create the world's largest distributed video network.

Dubbed by many as "Wiki meets YouTube™", Kaltura's platform includes unique collaboration functionalities that allow groups of users to 'lean forward' while creating and consuming rich media together. This active collaboration increases user engagement by adding a social element to the online video experience, and creates enhanced monetization and advertising opportunities for authors and publishers.

The Kaltura Network transcends the boundaries of individual websites by aggregating content across its member sites into the largest repository of sharable and remixable rich-media content. The network provides publishers of all sizes new syndication opportunities, and enables them to gain access to third-party web services – such as DVD burning, professional video editing, and high-CPM advertising opportunities that are only attainable due to the network's economies-of-scale.

Kaltura recently partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to provide collaborative video functionality to Wikipedia's 207 Million unique visitors. Other customers integrating the platform include media companies, social networks, UGC sites, video sharing sites, major brands, non-profits, bloggers, enterprises and more. Just about any site can boost its users' engagement and monetization using the Kaltura platform.