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We primarily provide architects, designers and property developers with a way to visualise and explore their building in an immersive virtual environment, before it is built. This enables the client to fully explore and interact with their design, allowing them to experience the end product very early on in the design process. On our website there is a short video of the service we offer (www.kairos-vr.co.uk). 


To achieve this, we utilise a virtual reality headset with full stereoscopic vision, from which we can provide a highly convincing virtual reality simulation which gives an accurate depth of field. By displaying a project in this form we can create a service that can be used as a visualisation tool to allow for a greater understanding of a project both by physically exploring the environment and by interactions revealing hidden information and detail. Alternatively, the created environments can be used as a design tool to highlight design issues earlier in a project.


We envisage this service to be an effective method of showcasing your designs and concepts to potential clients as well as the public realm to which the project will be received. 


We have the ability to further extend the content in the created virtual environment by including data such as BIM and thermal modelling. Other additional features include: thermal and airflow visualisation, accurate sun and shadow tracking and multiple interior design layouts, air gestures, tablets or other peripheral inputs. We can also create custom features at a clients request.