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Consumers are always worried about their health, specially for their loved one and most vulnerable our infants. Babies and children are the most vulnerable to the health risks related to pesticides.  Non Eco Friendly or Normal clothing increases their exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides on their skin, in soil and water, air and food. For adults with sensitive skin, Non Eco Friendly products makes you to have exposer of allergens contained in chemically grown and synthetic products.

Also, creating the worst working conditions for farm workers and to their health. Human rights exploitation and child labor are common. On an average, 20 to 25 field workers are dying daily.

We are developing "Organic Cotton Farming into a Sustainable Green Culture, allowing the society to opt for the best Eco Friendly Prdoducts as possible and alternatives for Non Eco Friendly products at affordable price".

Our start up is Organic clothing not just for high end clientèle, but for everyone who recognizes the need of sustainability, and appreciates the fact that eco-friendly clothing is best for the skin.

We will be promoting organic, fairly-traded and carbon neutral products as a sustainable, ethical and affordable alternative.

Our brand will touch to Human life with nature, will represent a relationship between the nature and its consumers.

It's a mix and match of future lifestyle at affordable price.

The brand moves forward with his expansion through Asia and get ready for Europe.