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(JusttheRx) PFO Global
THE smarter way to eyeglasses!
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Company description

"Blue Ocean" Disruptive sales model for the Optical (eyeglass) industry.

JusttheRx offers the first viable alternative between the "Optical Shop" and "Shopping for complete glasses online".

We are the only model which would eliminate the issues associated with online eyeglasses (The American Optometric Association states 44.8% of all eyewear purchased online are incorrect and / or hazardous to the wearer)... yet offers the consumer savings on top quality lenses (premium lens materials only, premium options only, and premium coatings only - we don't even suggest "cheap standard plastic lenses" which are the bread and butter advertizing basics for most online optical sales).

Premium prescription lenses - reserved online at tremendous savings, and ordered and delivered through your local eyecare professional (with all the security of manufacturing and ordering at your local optical retailer).

We are..."THE smarter way to eyeglasses!"

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Business model

JTRx is a B2C website where consumers learn about Rx eyeglass lenses, make selection choices by CATEGORY, then pre-pay a voucher for tremendous savings on premium quality the prescription lenses.

The vouchers are redeemable at ANY eycare provider who is willing to process the voucher.

The ECP (eyecare provider) charges for the exam, charges for the frame, and receives a dispensing fee direct from JTRx for using our services. The reimbursement model FAR EXCEEDS payment models that 100% of the ECPs accpt from managed care organizations.

The atrget market is the 8%+ of consumers who have LEFT ECP locations in search of online savings for eyeglasses - but are unaware of the hazards and quality issues rampant with online eyeglass ordering.

We train them, reward them for their interest in saving, then return them to the ECP for correct service and fulfilment, armed with the pre-paid voucher.

The ECPs are interested in accepting the vouchers - as over 20% of prescriptions are walking out of ECPs proactices daily. We are the "2nd chance" they all wish they had.

Competitive advantage

There is no competition for our model. Warby Parker - the #1 supplier of online eyeglasses has started building retail outlets because even they understand - ordering online doesn't work.

Compared to EVERY managed care opportunity - we offer a higher return to the ECP on net profit, ALONG WITH returning a patient through their doors.

There is no downside from an ECPs perspective. There is no downside from a consumer perspective. Comparing premium lens options to patients, we still beat MOST online offers - and give direct access to ECP services and security of ordering.