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Sport your baby bump with our prenatal fitness apparel as well as baby shower gifts and goodies for the proud, expecting, mommy! 

Since there is now a precious, little, bundle of joy being created inside of you, it doesn't mean that you can't feel great about yourself physically during these nine months. Back in the day, maternity fashion didn't even exist because women just wanted to cover up their ever-so-stretching bodies and stay indoors. Well, these days are different! Many pregnant women are out shopping, working, and even hitting the gym...not too hard, though. Pregnancy is a miracle and expecting moms should be nothing but loud and proud about it!  

We believe in taking care of your ever-so-changing beautiful body by staying active (JustBumped prenatal workout DVDs coming soon), eating smart for two, and feeling confident more than ever with your sexy, new curves!  Since bumps come in all shapes and sizes, we have a suitable collection that will fit your cute little shape and you will have a blast seeing people react to your adorable mommy-to-be statement on your bump.

So have fun and rock your baby bump by telling the world you're JustBumped!