Shadow CEO for early stage tech and tech/media ventures
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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 joey tamer  

Joey Tamer ( is a “shadow CEO,” extending her entrepreneur-clients’ bandwidth.  She consults to product and service companies, and to consultancies.  She has worked in the U.S., Europe, China and Qatar.

Successes include the 1st Internet B2B IPO with $30M to each of the founders in year 5; the sale of a husband/wife software company for $50M in year 4; the raising of $2.2M in seed capital with no equity out, for a software venture she built in China; the sale of a start-up Internet company within 8 months of writing their first investment pitch piece, and the sale of a leading market intelligence company for $95M in 2010.

Her Fortune 500 clients retain her to start in-house new business unit initiatives; these have  included J.P. Morgan Capital, Sony, IBM, Apple, Hearst, Blockbuster, Technicolor, Harper Collins, Discovery Channel, Time-Warner, Agfa and Scitex.  Among her many early stage ventures, she includes Earthweb (IPO 1998) and iSuppli (sold 2010).

She speaks and publishes widely on entrepreneurship.  Her published credits include 5 books, 60 published articles, and a weblog with hundreds of blog posts of advice to entrepreneurs.  She can be reached at joey @