Location: 581 Division Street Suite B, Campbell, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Where Commmunity Meets Textbooks!
Campbell, California, United States United States
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Company description

The JitterBook Model Simplified
Attract and Retain Customers with a Free Online Study Community and Convert Them by Offering All Choices in Buying and Selling Their Textbooks

Attract and Retain

• Give students a free robust tool where they can share and collaborate with each other on their course areas.
• Build a brand that is synonymous with education at all levels: “I use JitterBook , Wiki and Google to get online study help”.
• Students interact with JitterBook throughout the school year

Convert & Drive Revenue

• Student is given the opportunity to buy and sell their textbooks on every page.
• Upsell with loyalty/rewards and cross promotions.

Business model

The JitterBook Model Simplified
Attract and Retain Customers with a Free Online Study Community and Convert Them by Offering All Choices in Buying and Selling Their Textbooks

JitterBook Model in Detail

The toughest demographic to market to is the college student.  Why? They are the most marketed to demographic going.  Direct Marketing typically fails since they get so much of it.  They are numb to traditional marketing.  If you are trying to enter into the $7B textbook market, you will quickly become noise using traditional methods.

Viral marketing has proven successful with the college student.  They like it, they tell their friends, their friends like it, etc and suddenly you've got a lot of students wanting what you have.  This was the genesis of JitterBook's social online study community.  One student uses their textbook in a class of 50 students, but that textbook is being used in 1000 classes nationwide, so that's 50,000 students all with the same questions and answers.  JitterBook Community is a collaboration tool that allows these students to share what they know and learn with each other.

Communities are non trivial to get fluid consistent adoption, but the JitterBook team has its sites on doing just that and when the time comes to sell the book, we are right there to buy it back.  We then resell it on our site and partner sites like Amazon and Ebay. 

When the student needs to purchase textbooks, the hardcover textbooks that we offer are available on 8 major online channels, including our own.  They can also rent and download the textbooks, (safe harbo statement: rent and download will be launched late 2010).

The student cannot rent every textbook, some books aren't profitable to rent.  The student cannot download every textbook either as the titles are limited.  They can get every textbook they need each term from JitterBook.

Build a brand with the community, offer choice in purchase and great customer service on the revenue side.  This is the JitterBook model and is forecasted to grow to $80M by 2015.

Competitive advantage

in the $7.2B textbook market, no other site offers a free online study community coupled with every choice in the purchase of a textbook.  The student not only is able to get better grades from our site, but they can buy, rent and download their textbook as well.  There are a number of players in the space, but not one has taken a leadership position in the online vertical of textbooks.  Our model is built to with the purpose of becoming the market leader in online textbook industry, however we acknowledge that it will take funding to acheive this.