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JigJak is a Social Bookmarking and Blogging site.

Relevant Web content can be difficult to locate among the mountain of sub-standard content. JigJak eliminates this problem by combining social bookmarking, blogging, RSS and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. All the sites listed on JigJak have been reviewed, recommended and rated by users just like you based on innovations, usefulness and creativity. The fact is, humans can determine the best sites better than computers or algorithms.

JigJak is not only about news, recommended bookmarks are nicely organized in different categories starting from Automotive to Travel. Members not only recommend a bookmark, but also add their review of the bookmark based on innovations, usefulness and creativity. JigJak caters not only to web users, but also to mobile phone users. Members can mange their mobile links on line and view the list/browse the sites from their mobile phone. JigJak is elegantly simple, truly useful, and subtly powerful. It doesn't try to do too much, and it delivers its core service -- bookmarking -- reliably and well.

For starters, then, JigJak encourages non-news, untinely bookmarks to be submitted. This lends them the character of a directory and, therefore, a search engine. Secondly, bookmarks are not only recommended by reviewed by users and then moderated by the editorial staff. This is reminiscent of Mahalo, and possible only becaue there isn't such an emphasis of timely content.