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Calabasas, California, United States United States
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Company description for Consumers: 

Say good bye to daily and unwanted emails and start personalizing your offers from your favorite local restaurants, spas, salons, fitness centers and other neighborhood stores. No more reward cards or paper coupons to carry in your wallet. Use your Jeebster Mobile Card to receive an instant discount at ALL participating locations. Get offers based on your location and redeem coupons on the spot. Now you can get it all on your Jeebster Mobile App. Download and Start Saving Today!

For Local & Independently Owned Businesses: 

Jeebster provides an innovative way to attract and retain customers for local small businesses. Our goal is to provide our merchants with key customer introduction, loyalty, and retention strategies that increase sales. Through our easy-to-use online service, merchants can communicate business information, announcements, upcoming events, discounts and special offers to their Jeebster followers.

Business model

Marketing & Targeted Advertising service provider for small & locally owned businesses. 

Competitive advantage

Targeted & direct advertising with integrated social features. Combined customer introduction, loyalty and retention tools. Mobile App.