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Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Jacked provides viewers with a customizable 'second screen' experience to give you real time access to the news, information, links and images that are available elsewhere on the Internet but previously could not be pulled together in a single screen on a timely basis. Jacked lets viewers create and share a personalized program and information experience. With Jacked, you get the information you need, and the images, links and news you want, when you want them - when they relate to what you are watching.

The first product, available via is the Jacked SPORTSTOP, a rich Internet application (RIA) including a library of dynamic, configurable 'widgets' within browser-based game 'dashboards'.

Jacked is a Santa Monica based, which has developed a WebTop for broadcast television providing a browser-based publishing platform for contextually synchronized media, advertising and commerce.