J2B Marketing
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts, United States United States
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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J2B Marketing

J2B is a “Job Seeker 2 Business” ™ Internet Marketing Services firm
Framingham, Massachusetts, United States United States
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J2B is a “Job Seeker 2 Business” ™ Internet Marketing Services firm based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts – offering services virtually across the United States.

At J2B we use our Internet Marketing skills for good!  We help job seekers build their online presence so they can get back to business.. faster.

Not Career Coaches or Headhunters… We have a staff of professional Internet Marketing and Business Communication professionals standing by to help you, using proven sales and marketing best practices.

We help entrepreneur’s too!  Many job seekers are ready to make the leap into consulting or running their own business. J2B will use our internet marketing expertise to help you launch your new business brand online. Learn more...

Marci, CEO

Marci, CEO

J2B was founded by CEO, Marci Reynolds, previously VP of North America Sales Operations for (Read Marci’s Bio)

You’ve heard of B2B – Business to Business and B2C – Business To Consumer. Now there is J2B – Job Seeker to Business ™.  (We invented the phrase!)  J2B is the first and only internet marketing services firm dedicated to the unique needs of Job Seekers.

  • Marci Reynolds
    Marci Reynolds | Team member
    Marci Reynolds, a native of Boston, MA, started J2B because she wanted to provide great services to the growing population of job seekers and leverage her 20 years of business experience in Sales, Marketing, Communication and Operations. Most r...
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