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IUNU provides energy efficient plasma lighting and control systems for horticulture applications. Compared to the IUNU Dual Plasma, conventional horticulture lights consume 50% more electricity and produce 70% more heat. By significantly lowering operating costs, IUNU enables more dependable, healthier, and sustainable indoor plant growth.

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Company description

IUNU (pronounced “you-new”) is changing the way we grow food. We solve the core problems preventing indoor agriculture from being economical and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative products enable communities to efficiently transition to and master indoor horticulture year round. Compared to current commercial lighting systems, our proprietary Dual Plasma fixture produces 50% less heat, consumes 50% less energy, reduces water consumption, and grows superior produce.

Our world is experiencing record-breaking droughts, herbicide and pesticide pollution, and rapidly rising energy costs. Join us to help create communities with local access to the freshest and best tasting fruits, vegetables, and herbs provided by space efficient urban gardens.

  • Kyle Rooney
    Kyle Rooney | Founder
    Sales Director and Consultant at IUNU. Studied Political Science, Philosophy, Economics, and International Business at WWU. Studied Horticulture and Water Management in The Netherlands. Passionate about sustainable hydroponic agriculture.
  • Adam Greenberg
    Adam Greenberg | Founder
    CEO at IUNU. Enjoys mitigating risks while helping companies grow. With early stage companies, cash is king, focus is queen. Finance background from Amazon and securities trading. University of Washington Foster School of Business.
  • Erez Younker
    Erez Younker | Founder
    Operations at IUNU. Facilitating progress since inception. Entrepreneurship and Finance BA from the University of Washington Foster Business School. Strong belief in teamwork with a thirst for understanding.
  • Travis Conrad
    Travis Conrad | Founder
    Lead Engineer at Iunu. Plastics Engineering/Vehicle Design BS from Western Washington University. 6 years experience with hydroponics, 4 years experience with electronic systems. Big picture seeker, aiming to invoke change through technology.
Awards and Mentions
Business model

Today, IUNU drives revenue by selling the Dual Plasma direct to customers.

Competitive advantage

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Naveen Jain
Naveen Jain is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Immunity Project, a Y Combinator (W14) backed, non-profit dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine and distributing it worldwide for free.