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Doctors spend 49% of their day documenting patient encounters, and 27% as face time with their patients. $102 Billion and 324 Million hours are spent annually in the US to solve this problem. Yet, patients leave with no instructions on caring for their health. They only recall 25% of what their doctor told them, resulting in high hospital re-admission rates and 125,000 deaths per year. iTreatMD solves this problem by automating encounter documentation that includes encounter note, ICD10 codes, billing codes, and patient education material. We save doctors upwards of an hour per day, increase revenue, and improve patient satisfaction. 

iTreatMD has: 1) pioneered a set of clinician and patient-facing tools to improve treatment through an evidence-based and best practices protocol; 2) helped decrease the time spent by physicians and other medical staff on documentation; and 3) created personalized, patient-facing material to ensure successful ongoing treatment.

iTreatMD’s proposed approach to AUD unlocks the research and evidence-based treatments that are available only to a select few doctors, enabling each clinician to replicate the best doctor.