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iTraff Technology Sp. z o.o. is a company which was founded as an initiative of Arkadiusz Skuza, Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek. The company is working on the technology of photo recognition. It was founded at the beginning of the 2011 and it entered the market of mobile applications with the SaveUp. This application recognizes the product cover from the picture taken by a user with the smartphone camera and returns the list of Internet stores where it can be bought. Image recognition technology finds characteristic points of an image and based on that, it searches for similar pictures and metadata correlated with them in the database. Then it returns selected data, which is the result of search. Polish technology of an image recognition have been compared to the application of the famous Internet tycoon - Google Goggles. Company won many international prizes, the last most important is Top 3 ICT companies on European Venture Summit Berlin 2012. iTraff Technology is providing B2B API for image recognition that allows every company to use this sophisticated technology in their own application.

  • Wojciech Radomski
    Wojciech Radomski | Team member
    Wojciech Radomski, 25; graduated from Poznan University of Technology, Information Technology. CTO & CoFounder of Itraff Technology
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