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Company description
The BigGossip - iSociable - PayforEvents. It is now become financially rewarding to write a status update, make new friends, join or create groups and even synchronizing your other networking profiles with your iSociable profile. It pays to be sociable! Get points for activities on the site that you can redeem for vouchers or online discount. Be a part of one of the fastest growing social, business and Educational networking portals. Share all everywhere! iSociable! Its a Social thing!
Business model
A site that makes it possible for users to conduct business, make new friends, alliances, solve mathematical problems collectively and encourage networking with financial incentives. User gains points for most things they do on the site, more when its especially interactive. These points could then be redeemed for store cards, paper and online vouchers and discounts and it is a lot can even be redeemed for cash. Users can buy and sell stuff, not only to their friends or connections on the site, but can share it to most other business and social networking and bookmarking sites. 
Competitive advantage
A competitive advantage all of the features on the site has over similar sites is the incentives for socializing and business networking. Opening cart sites within our site makes it possible for users to conduct business within our network while they have the full networking privileges to support that.