Is That Odd, Inc

Is That Odd, Inc
Helping People Get a Clue
Kirkland, Washington, United States United States
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Company description is a social media website that rewards its audience with a virtual currency called Odd Coins. Odd Coins enable consumers to try out new product samples.

The website boasts a uniquely tuned user interface for capturing those moments when a woman shares a story with her friend, and then leans in to ask, “Is that odd?” The site is designed for women to share these stories, create polls, vote, rate and engage with each other. reflects the dynamics of a TV talk show updated for the modern Internet era.  The site was designed to capture the aspects of a TV talk show set.  We call this Talk Show 2.0.

Business model is a free social sharing website targeted at women over 35 years old, one of the most sought after consumer demographic segments in the world because they command household spending. The website features a new, patent pending, advertising model called SIRCLE (Social-media Incentives and Rewards for Content and Level of Engagement), which initiates a well-understood psychological feedback loop that will migrate the consumer from a sample to a full size retail purchase. Just as Google launched search as the core feature upon which to build an audience for delivering ads, Is That Odd has created a user generated content site to build an audience that will enthusiastically interact with the SIRCLE advertising platform.

Competitive advantage

Odd Coins enable consumers to try out new products by buying product samples.  Is That Odd delivers a product trial environment in the online world for personal care products (a $40 billion industry in the U.S.).  When the affluent female shopper isn’t browsing in stores or watching TV, the opportunity to introduce her to new products approaches zero.  Is That Odd creates a new way for brands to drive demand creation and customer acquisition.  These sales tools have never been available to marketers before.