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Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Company description

Companies of all sizes or individuals working in groups need, at many times, to build applications focused on data, with no complex logic, for eventual use or to meet certain demands where the hiring of a development service is not affordable. Appealing to a spreadsheet make them lack the security, reliability, and traceability that an application can provide, as well miss some facilities such as workflow, restriction on data entry fields, data relationship, and role segregation. INubem offers the advantages of a professional application that can be built by anyone using internet. At the same time, it implements a marketing model that does not require any fixed or regular fee, nor imposes limitations on the number of users.




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    Fábio Ramon | Team member
    Information Technology technical consultant. Emphasis in Internet, cloud and distributed computation. Working mainly with architecture, software design and construction of distributed systems. Especializações: Software design and architeture, obj...
Business model

The user pays for use (accesses and data stored). No monthly fee, no user limits enabled. Associated with a Scalable NoOps technology platform with costs directly linked to usage, the total cost of the operation is always in line with revenue. Scalability is virtually unlimited, with no need for prior investment in infrastructure or services. Resellers are supported by the INubem platform and can collaborate to increase the total customer base.

Competitive advantage

Among the no-code platforms we can highlight as competitors of INubem Caspio, Zoho and Trackvia. Regarding all of them, INubem is better at segregating users, tracking user actions and recovering data. In addition, comparing each competitor separately offers particular advantages such as easier application creation, simplified wokrflows definition, linked import and export (data can be exported, changed externally, and re-imported in a way to be updated)

From the business point of view, INubem was conceived originally on a natively scalable technological platform, reducing future expansion investments that I believe competitors have.