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Company description

IntroBridge ®, a revolutionary new startup that provides live location-based networking opportunities between professionals globally, has launched their first iPhone application. 

IntroBridge creates meaningful and valuable introductions in real time to other professionals based on our patent-pending MatchMaking and location-aware technologies.  In today’s economy and challenging business environment, meeting the right people at the right time can seem next to impossible.  IntroBridge solves this problem by recommending introductions based on our user’s preferences and location, creating real-world opportunities for our users whether they are looking to expand their business interests, find a job, find a job candidate, or simply creating greater professional opportunities for themselves.

Because IntroBridge operates across social networks, IntroBridge takes you far beyond the silo of just the professional network you are on and opens up a world of new and meaningful connections. The live networking IntroBridge provides and the introductions we create for our users takes all of the hassle out of traditional networking activities and costs, and dramatically expands your networking or career opportunities! 

IntroBridge takes full advantage of our user’s existing profile, credentials, and preferences thereby removing the common problem and need for them to duplicate the effort of registration.  IntroBridge enhances the match making through our novel use of selection behavior: we improve future introductions through the choices you make!  



Business model

IntroBridge has two primary areas of revenue generation:

1) Annual mobile-user subscriptions: $4.99

2) Enterprise social media mobile networking technology (white-box, or IntroBridge branded)


Competitive advantage

One of our most important competitive advantages is in our patent-pending MatchMaking Engine, which drives and manages the individual recommendations we present to our users, and which is responsible for generating meaningful introductions between users.  The MatchMaking Engine curates users' preferences across social networks to create truly meaningful professional introductions, and creating real-time location-sensitive opportunities for them.  Our Engine's use of user selection-behavior enhances the recommendations the more our users Bridge with each other, creating an exceptionally powerful paradigm for meeting the right people, at the right time, all of the time!