the first mobile sensory SDK for web 3.0 applications
El Cerrito, California, United States United States
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Company description

What we do:

Intentionis is a software engineering company focused on producing the first complete development platform that leverage cell phones' sensors, mobile communications and Web3.0 technologies.

Our Product:

Using our SDK, we develop robust scalable applications that involve sensors and advanced communication mechanisms. Our primary focus is the security, well-being and health markets we are addressing using our rebrandable phone application called "AmBu".

Our SDK/Ambu application cover the following use cases:

1)     Accident detection: this is a superset of the Ambu application available today on the Android Market.

The application runs in the back ground and watch for a sudden change in velocity and momentum (i.e. a crash). If detected, the crash triggers calls to pre-defined numbers, and if no one answers, the national security number (i.e. 911 in the US). Maps with the last locations are sent with the message. More at

2)     Speed and Accident Alert: This can be used by companies using delivery personnel or personnel working in dangerous areas (on the roof for example). In case of “crash” the system instantly calls for help, even if the employee cannot. It can also be used to monitor that nobody exceeds the local speed limit

3)     Safe Texting: Ambu can be used to do texting while driving between phone or the web without the need for a driver to touch the phone

4)     Anti-kidnapping protection: when activated, the system records where the user is. This is done silently and unobtrusively in the background. Location and speed is constantly sent to a server. In case of a problem (like no signal outside a certain time frame, or location outside a pre-define territory (geo-fencing), or on activation by the user (like dropping the phone), an alert message is issued. The location log can be send to local servers controlled by the organization distributing the service.

5)     Fall detection: this is another instantiation of the accident detection application. The detection is tuned to lower speeds, and may give different information to care givers.

6)     Medication reminder: Ambu can be used to voice pills or medication reminders to a phone users. Such capability can be provisioned on the phone or remotely controlled using our APIs/Web portal. More at

Our technology can cover many other uses cases.

Business model

Short term:

-  We are seeking partnerships with customers in the health, insurance and transportation industry to rebrand and customize our Ambu application (see for all the benefit of Ambu). We expect a revenue source from this initial engagements to come from a blend of royalties, maintenance (to continue supporting multiple phones) and custom engineering all around the core technology and sample apps we have developed

- Although we are not seeking to build a brand for Ambu, Ambu is already distributed in the Android Market for $1. Combined with a value add web subscription model that will be released in the summer, we expect to start generating revenue


Our bigger vision consists in monetizing our sensory SDK and complex back-bone IT infrastructure:

- using a royalty model and by offering to hosting the services offered by our IT infrastructure we believe to be able to achieve a positive ROI in the coming 18 months and position the company to become the #1 sensory SDK for the web 3.0. The SDK will be expanded to cover more verticals and notably, the mobile gaming market.

Competitive advantage

We list 2 classes of competitor: first are competitors that may directly compete with the current Ambu application. Second, competitors in the SDK market for smartphone. 

Ambu's competition:

Ambu can be used to compete or extend the offering of solutions like OnStar in the US. Ambu is disruptive as it is low cost, always connected, not attached to a given vehicle, and offers services not offered by Onstar's current offering (like handfree texting while driving).

In the health care segment, Ambu can extend the offering of companies like Lifealert, life360, jitterbug and several others in this category. The fact that Ambu can automatically detect a fall (no need to push a button), work on existing hardware and is always connected (beyond house coverage) make the solution unique.

SDK platform competition:


1)      Magnolia Labs (; develops applications for iPHone and Android

2)      Bianor (; specializes in custom applications in sales call management and multimedia sharing. The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria

3)      Appiction (; mainly focuses on iPhone

4)      DCI (Dot Com Infoway); the company is located in India with offices in UK, Australia, USA, France, the Netherlands

5)      Amadeus Consulting (; a custom software development company based in Boulder, Co.

6)      Semaphore (;  founded in 1992. Indian company with offices in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and USA (NJ)

7)      Macronimous Websolutions (; founded in India in 2001. Offices in UK, Australia and USA (FL)

8)      BayInteractive; founded 2002. Based in San Francisco. Develop using Flash

9)      XenGLobalTech (; based in India. Founded in 2006. Privately held. 70 employees with a 2008 of $100,000

10)   Sync Mobile (; supported by Ford, offers access to a developer community

11)   AppCelerator (; translates Javascript into Objective C (iPhone) or Java (Android) and offers over 300 APIs. Supported by StormVentures, based in Mountain View

12)   Snaptu (; turns your favorite websites into ultrafast browsing, backed by Sequoia

13)   Acap Applied Intelligence (; based in Florida, typical developer pool with Web experience. Engagement via RFPs

14)   Fuzz Productions; based in Northampton MA

15)   Maa Designs (; based in England. More focused on Apple and iPad and GPS location. Founded 2005 as a design house

16)   Oxagile (; founded in 2005. The company is a member of BellHard (Major Belarussian IT holding). Offices in USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, UK Sweden, Italy. Focused on basic applications mainly on iPhone

17)   Interactive Mediums (; based in Chicago. Specializes in surveys and customer management from smartphone


From our understanding, none of the above company are able to respond or focused on resolving the sensory challenge of future smartphone applications like Intentionis does.