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intelRiver is the most robust on-premise analytics platform for brick and mortar retailers.  Data indicates several key trends emerging in retailing 1) Convergence of online and offline retail teams  2) Lack of affordable customer behavior tools to inform HQ level decision making 3) Accelerating tech-investment into the capital replacement cycle and 4) Growth of the "mobile-enabled consumer."  The result of these trends is a $2.4Bn market opportunity for automated retail analysis tools.

IntelRiver provides insight on marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency, and customer engagement to operators.  We focus on providing the full customer view to retailers through mobile tools and proprietary QuantifiedCamera algorithms.  

The team comes from Dartmouth, Spelman, Morehouse, Stanford GSB and Berkeley.  Further, they bring professional experiences with the Boston Consulting Group, Audax Group PE, NextBox, Taco Bell, and Rubios.  With this combination of experiences and talent, intelRiver is poised to revolutionize retail-technology.



Awards and Mentions
  • 15709_2222
    We competed against over a hundred other development teams in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hackathon in SF. We ended up winning the hackathon.
  • 15709_2221
    Dartmouth's annual entrepreneurship competition. We won our session then became the only non-funded (then) team to reach the top 3.
  • Business model

    We provide multi-unit retailers with a single dashboard for unit-level and system-wide analysis.  Our vision is to marry disparate datastreams to offer instant insights via big data analysis.  We are currently focused on analysis of customer behavior by turning a dormant asset (security cameras) into a productive data source.  We operate as a SaaS business with two tiers.  Our base tier is completely self-serve and gives retailers unit to system data acess. Our premium tier integrates more advanced conversion and A-B testing capability for COO and CMO teams.  Setup takes an hour and can be complete by our team remotely.  We target multi-unit retailers (ex. 20 unit retail chains) rather than smaller stores due to favorable LTV/CaC economics and greater system complexity.

    Competitive advantage

    We benefit from rapid implementation and low-friction insight communication.  Not only do we deliver data that many retailers previously haven't had access to, but also we are able to offer it via multiple views that are tailored to the end-user (ex. system wide vs. store-level view.)  Further, we have built a cutting edge isomorphic application that is flexible enough to handle our (very large) aspirations to create an advanced, multi-faceted retail analytics dock for the next-generation of omni-channel retail.  Our team is exceptional, market dyanmics are favorable ($2.4Bn market), and we are poised to revolutionize retail analytics.  

    See our video and more information through our Vator company page.

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