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Company description

Intellivisit is a virtual care delivery platform that connects individuals and local providers for the treatment of minor illnesses. Our technology leverages artificial intelligence and an asynchronous communication model to deliver safe, scalable, and convenient virtual care. The platform can be white-labeled for use by clinics and hospitals, allowing them to serve their patients without ever needing them to come into the office.

Patients fill out their symptoms on a phone app, guided by an AI platform that includes more than 220 million connected data points (40k symptoms, 4k diagnoses, 3k lab tests, 3k therapeutic procedures, 7k medications and more). Symptoms and AI-suggested treatments are submitted to clinicians via a physician portal. Physicians review each case and decide whether to 1) treat the patient with/without prescription, 2) ask additional questions via text, or 3) route the patient into a facility for additional testing. 

Our AI has been shown to be 95% concordant with physician triage acuity. We've completed nearly 8,000 patient visits using Intellivisit. Here is a video of our platform in action. 


Business model

We charge clinics in three ways, per visit, PEPM, and licensing fees for the white-labelling of the platform. 

Competitive advantage

Proprietary AI diagnostic software.