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Company description

InteliChek's unique combination of global information, analytics, and consulting offers precise answers to today's most important questions.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

While our local expertise helps clients understand the uniqueness of individual markets, our global coverage and experience offer clients world-class methodologies, benchmarks and insights available nowhere else.


Supporting automotive needs

InteliChek's market intelligence and perspective give customers the critical facts they need at every step - from the earliest stages of research and development through product launch, product maturation and product expiration.

Intelichek helps clients make better decisions through our unique continuum of capabilities - focused solely on the automotive marketplace, working together seamlessly to provide the answers decision makers need.

Business model

InteliChek is in the business of collecting competitive pricing data in the automotive industry.


InteliChek has established many long-term relationships with automotive companies, parts manufacturers, retailers, and automotive service companies. Intelichek provides these companies with competitive pricing data. To make the data centralized, searchable, simultaneously updatable and scalable we are undertaking the development of a centralized web enabled database application.

Competitive advantage


Early adopters of web portals who initially decided to get started by building their own portal solutions might find that trying to keep up with the pace of the technical evolution of portal software and the growing demands of their user communities to add new services puts a strain on their IT budgets, skills, and resources. In some cases, early adopters may have purchased a portal that works well with a limited set of applications and now desire to expand its use in new ways to satisfy additional business requirements.


That is where the InteliChek competitive intelligence portal can help a company grow.  We specialize in data collection and are building a turn-key competitive intelligence web portal for our clients and ultimately for the consumer.

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