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Vator Splash LA 2015
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Real Relationships, in Real Time. No More Bad Dates.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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Company description

A revolutionary new way to form a real relationship using video technology, and modern communication methods in realtime. We believe the best way to get to know someone is by actually seeing and hearing their personality before meeting. Pictures and text just don't work. With video profiles, instant messaging, photo and video messaging, live video calling, and no unwanted emails, Instamour is the next evolution in mobile dating. 























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Business model

So how do we make money from Instamour?  The simple answer is in-app purchases and monthly subscriptions.

We have also built a B2B frictionless video product with our technology.

Jason Sherman – CEO & CoFounder : 4-time serial entrepreneur and web developer with 15 years experience.

Evan Brophy – CTO & CoFounder: Led entire development team at a popular clothing company.

Josh Detweiler – VP of User Acquisition: Was Director of Product at MeetMe International, which led to an acquisition by QuePasa for $100M.

Kristin LaSalle – VP of Marketing: Career in marketing at Fortune 500 companies with expertise as a matchmaker.

Customer Problem: Most dating sites require you to give out personal information such as your phone number, real name, or email address before you know that you would like to go on a date. Instamour provides a mobile app (IOS or Android) for safe, real time dating using video technology. Users add old photos or fake photos on dating sites, but it is impossible to fake a live video on Instamour.We have 3 forms of safety: flagging, blocking, and reporting users.

We initially focused on the 15 million single parent segment in the U.S but after analyzing our data we discovered that our platform is attractive to a much larger audience. Of our 150,000 current users, 68% are Male, 32% are Female with our most popular age groups being 25-34 (33%) and 18-25 (27%). Our go-to-market strategy is to implement campaigns that target singles in specific cities with populations of at least 1 million people.

Instamour has a very thorough advertising campaign featuring the following methods: Extensive social media unincentivized targeted advertising, viral videos posted on YouTube, forums and blogs, special singles events,University and College contests & giveaways. Additionally we constantly receive media exposure by being interviewed on various news sites, as well as appearing on TV news programs. Lastly, people share our app because they love it.

Competitive advantage

We have created Instamour to put an end to the picture & text profiles, and breathe new life into the world of online dating. With a lightning quick sign up process, video profiles, real time chat, 1 on 1 video calling and no more unwanted emails, we aren't even in the realm of dating apps, we are far beyond them in terms of technology and competition.

There are many dating websites and apps out there, and they are all pretty much the same. We are introducing a new way to meet people and date online using modern video technologies.  The old platforms just simply aren't working for people anymore, and some people say they never have worked in the first place.

Our video compression algorithms, unique user experience, real time communciation, and "No more bad dates" put us ahead of the rest of the competition (if there is any).

We are on track to reach 1MM users within the next 18 months. We have reached 150k users in the past year by offering our members key features that drive engagement. We will continue to listen to the feedback we receive while refining our platform to keep up with new technologies that surface. Our platform is completely scalable and reliable with 99.9% uptime. We earn revenue through in-app purchases and monthly subscriptions.

Today, online/mobile dating users "match" up by looking at picture & text profiles, emailing back and forth,driving to meet, and paying for gas, parking, drinks & food. Online dating is offered by Match, eHarmony,OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Zoosk and others. None of these products can match the real time experience of Instamour. Simply put, we offer No More Bad Dates by helping people avoid the fake profile information of static sites.

Instamour has developed valuable intellectual property, including its video profile creation, video introduction module, unique communications portal, and more. Our technology is the subject of a Provisional Patent application that has been filed. Contingent on funding, we will file a utility patent. The platform also includes live video chat, phone calls, and instant messaging. Instamour is available for iPhone, and Android.

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