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At Motivation Ping, we are on a mission to help people become their best selves by providing tools to help individuals achieve their goals.


Every day millions of world citizens decide that they want to change their life for the better but very few follow through. People either give up on their goals or lose steam on following through.

Why is that?

Because people lack the right type of motivation and inspiration. Many individuals have not been raised with the right mindset to achieve what it is they want to.

Many people were taught that they were not good enough or that they do not deserve to have what they want in life. Therefore, many people do not dream big let alone have the right approach to executing their objectives.

This is where we come in by providing a wide assortment of content which includes:

Quotes - We have aggregated thousands of the best inspirational words and sayings that help motivate you to find that inner spark. These include quotes that cover positive thinking, success, diet and weight loss, fitness, school, adversity, courage, hardships, and so much more.

Affirmations - We have compiled over 150 positive affirmations that cover every goal imaginable.

Life - We have created high quality content around how to improve and change your life. These are free mini courses that people can take to make their lives much better.

We truly believe that once people are able to take advantage of the good information being made available to them, their life will change for the better and we are grateful to support you along this journey.

We are very excited about this project and welcome any suggestions from the community on how to make this inspirational and motivational quotes project be the best it can be. Please feel free to message us.