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Insight Choices
West Hollywood, California, United States United States
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Insight Choices is a group of behavioral health providers (27 providers), 5 locations across Southern California, telehealth access across California, we provide our patient population with nights and weekend appointment availability, evidence-based treatment modalities, and engagement via technology and virtual means.

We have, over the years, grown to be a cornerstone of our communities serving tens of thousands of patients across this market. Our patients consider us as their primary care provider of services since their needs are largely met at our group.

As a result, we repeatedly demonstrate outcomes indicating 55%, or more, of our patients report improvements of at least 50% (from baseline measure) in PHQ9 scores.

We offer Office-Based Opioid Treatment and Medication-Assisted Treatment  (OBOT-MAT) which increases access to care and enables members to fight addiction in a comfortable outpatient environment, avoiding hospitalization or institutionalization.

Behavioral health screenings help identify potential behavioral health issues, including substance use, alcohol use disorders, and direct members to treatment. And our case management program is designed to ensure care is aligned and integrated within medical delivery systems.